Martha Ann Brooks

Press Kit Methods for Singers & Musicians

The primary goal in developing a press kit is to create interest in an artist and the music they play. A press kit includes background information, pictures, samples of music, a listing of past and future gigs you have actually arranged, and other pertinent information. A press kit is utilized as a way of presenting and artist to papers, the media, promoters, and music industry leaders. You can produce a press kit that is mailed to the appropriate recipients and it is a smart idea to have an electronic type of your press kit that can be emailed and posted on website.

Things to consist of in your press kit:

Offer a restricted a mount of details about yourself, your band, and your design of music. Do not offer the reader more information than they want. If your introduction is too lengthy, you will certainly lose the interest of your intended audience.

Discuss your music, the way in which you perform your songs, your noise, and who your influences are. You will certainly want to offer a good idea of what you may sound like in these descriptions. Do not be afraid to insert a little humor into your descriptions. You will certainly get somebody’s attention during the very first minute they open your press kit. If you do not captivate them right away, they will certainly lose interest.

Describe the things that make you unique in contrast to everybody else. Exactly what are your abilities and experience level? Why would a record promoter or executive gain by giving you an opportunity to record and market your music? Tape companies invest a great deal of cash in promoting brand-new artists. You will certainly wish to make it clear why you would be a great financial investment.

Include press clippings and quotes as they appear. A remark made about you by a reputable person will certainly go a long way in making your press kit reliable. This will let the reader understand that you have actually been recognized as a skill to be considered and could potentially produce additional momentum for you while you are attempting to introduce your profession. Whether you require a vocalist, artist, or star press kit, acknowledgment from others is an excellent device in promoting yourself.

You truly just need one page of your press kit to be devoted to a bio and one page that consists of quotes and press clippings. This policy stands even in an online profile. By keeping each topic on an easy page, you are a lot more likely to hold the interest of the person who receives your press kit. Ensure the tone of your band press kit is in line with who you are as an individual and the type of music you carry out.

A sample of your music through a high quality CD or clips that can be heard in an electronic press kit are vital. Make sure you label the CD with your name and contact info. If someone enjoys your music but has lost the rest of your press kit, you will certainly want this information to readily offered to them.

Beware not to overdo the self-promotion. You ought to declare and state your ambitions, but shameless self-promotion will make you look unprofessional and less than reputable. Prevent consisting of too much personal information. No person cares (yet) about your very first animal, your grades in elementary school, or your personal fears. Keep the concentrate on your music and your accomplishments. You want to make sure you do not look desperate for work, even if you really are.

Consist of an individual cover letter to whomever you send your press kit to, and try to prevent sending your artist press kit unsolicited. It is constantly much better to have a referral from a close friend or professional of the individual you want to see your material.